Kodar Engineering is a leading company in the south-east Europe region in providing telecommunication services with the turn-key principle encompasing the entire life cycle of telecommunication network.

Preparation and planning

   - Network architecture planning
   - Initial coverage planning and radio planning
   - The acquisition of sites and legal regulations


   - Telecommunications systems design
   - Transmission system design
   - Telecommunication facilities design


   - Manufacturing of steel constructions for telecommunication facilities
   - Civil works and electrical engineering works on telecommunication facilities
   - Telecommunication equipment installation
   - Commissioning and integration of telecommunications equipment


   - Preventive maintenance
   - Corrective maintenance

Monitoring and optimization

   - Network perfomance monitoring (KPI)
   - Drive Tests and post processing of results
   - Radio parameters analysis and optimization 


   - Realization of every part of the modernization project by the turn-key system:
  a.) Planning and organization of complete modernization project 
  b.) Hardware realization: site survey, site design, logistics, installation, comissioning, service check-up, troubleshooting
  c.) Software realization: parameters mapping, cell scripts preparation, O&M support, Drive Tests, monitoring and optimization
   - Ensuring of minimal impact on network perfomance and user’s experience during a project

Software solutions and services

   - Business and technologycal processes analysis, improvement and automatization
   - Specialized softwaretools and information systems development
   - Integration services, adjustment and support


The main activity of Kodar engineering’s Design Department is designing of telecommunication facilities, as follows:

  - Whole telecommunication facilities including architectural, civil construction, electrical and machine made solutions for projects following a turnkey system

  - Designing of antenna constructions and antenna brackets

Within the Design Department there is a Department which deals with design of electrical and signal telecommunication installations for other purposes facilities like:

  - Residential facilities
  - Department stores
  - Banks
  - Sport facilities
  - Hospitals
  - Gas Stations etc.

Electrical installations covers all mains and alternative power supply systems, automation and motor actuator systems including central monitoring and management.

Signal telecommunications installation covers all systems like automatic detection and fire detection, video surveillance, computer and telephone networks, intercoms, sound systems, access control , work attendance registration etc..


Kodar Engineering offers services of installation and service of telecommunications equipment, devices and technology of the best known manufacturers which are: 

  - GSM, EDGE, UMTS, LTE, – Ericsson, Huawei, ZTE, NSN, Alcatel, Siemens
  - ADSL DSLAM/MSAN, Core – Ericsson, Huawei, Intracom
  - WiMax/WiFi – Axxelera BS, Alvarion BS, Nortel BS, Intracom
  - SDH/PDH/IP MW - Ericsson, Nera, Bosch, NEC, Siemens, NSN, Marconi, Ceragon, Imtel, Intracom
  - Voltage systems, battery stand-by supply – Eltec, Emerson, EW, Power one
  - Antenna systems - RFS, Kathrein, Andrew, Fimo
  - Cable systems for TV and Internet providers
  - RTV broadcasting Add drop Mux – Marconi, ECI, etc

A large number of successfully performed installations of the equipment above can be seen in a long-term business relationship that we have maintained with our partners as well as in a large number of business operations realized in the previous period.


Being a company oriented and focused on our customers’ requirements, we are capable and obliged to offer the highest possible level of services required from us. Therefore, we are ready to provide maintenance service of telecommunications equipment and telecommunications facilities at any moment at every place. Our concept of maintenance and availability of intervention expert teams which is 365 days x 7 days a week x 24 hours a day confirms this.

Whether they are inaccessible locations, failures caused by extremely bad weather conditions or operations that require immediate realization, Kodar Engineering’s expert teams will ensure that any of your requirements is realized as soon as possible regardless of time or place.


We are an absolute regional leader of the SWAP projects i.e. mobile operators network modernization, in the mobile network field. We have participated as a main partner in the major part of modernization projects in the region (Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina). Our references cover operation within the total access network (base stations and radio controllers), CORE equipment (HLR, MGW, SGSN, GGSN...), transmission systems and power supply systems.

These projects are by nature extremely organizationally and technically complex, and require a significant commitment of human and material resources.

Particular complexity to this type of project is given by planning and ensuring of minimal impact on network performance and user experience during the project and the possibility of potential loss of services at different levels.

Kodar Engineering provides a complete turnkey service for all segments and phases of the project realization encompassed with the maximum level of confidence:

  - Project Management

  - Swap Strategies Planning and Defining

  - Technical solution for realization of clusters and individual sites

  - Replacement of equipment, commissioning and testing

  - Logistics and warehouse support

  - Interventions and troubleshooting in real time

  - OMC support: cell scripts preparation, commissioning, troubleshooting and monitoring

  - Drive Tests: Benchmarking, Verification and Acceptance Tests

  - Optimization: Parameters Transfer (mapping), Parameters Optimization, Monitoring and ensuring of the required performance


Kodar Engineering employs a large number of engineers with considerable experience in the field of planning and optimization of mobile telephony access networks and data transmission.

In order to provide better services to end users, telecommunications network must be carefully planned and optimized. At the same time, maintenance costs should be kept to a minimum. This kind of network is the goal of each mobile telephony and data transfer operator, as it guarantees achieving of good business results. Drive Tests (DT), which collects data on service quality directly from the field have an important role in this complex process. Combining field data and network counters, using appropriate tools (post-processing), Kodar Engineering experts calculate the optimal network parameters that meet the criteria.

Radio access network optimization

Access network optimization is a continuous process aimed at continuous improvement of the network efficiency. Network cell system by its definition covers the vast territory and provides services to many users and a number of parameters that governs its function is huge. Rich experience in radio network construction and modernization projects has enabled Kodar Engineering to develop software tools that greatly facilitate and accelerate the optimization and adjustment of network parameters to optimal values. These tools are both adaptable to the different projects requirements and different equipment manufacturers. In combination with the standard licensed tools for planning and optimization, Kodar Engineering’s partners can expect a high quality service.

Drive Tests

Drive tests have very important significance for the process network building (planning) and optimization, because they give a realistic picture of the network, seen from the perspective of an ordinary user.

DT script and routes are planned based on the project requirements. DT scenario defines the services to be tested, as well as how users access the network. As a rule, one or more data and speech transfer services distributed over access technologies are always tested. Unique whole presenting a DT route is usually a cluster of cells, especially if it is a project of network modernization. In order to compare the features of an old and a new network it is necessary to make at least two tests on the same route before and after the replacement of telecommunications equipment. Also, it is common to perform a validation DT immediately after the replacement of equipment in order to promptly remove any irregularities (e.g. intersected sectors).

Completion of each test is followed by the data processing and preparation of the report that contains statistics and display (maps) of key network parameters. This report is for the operator to examine the network features from the user's perspective in detail.


In order to ensure maximum efficiency and quality, Kodar Engineering’s team for development constantly works on improving and automation of all key business and technology processes developing a variety of information and software systems.

We also develop specialized tools for radio planning, optimization and DT post processing by which we have ensured a large increase of quality and speed of carrying out these services.

We also provide local representation services and technical / IT support for software vendors as well as integration and adjustment services.

Kodar has an extensive network of experts including software architects, project managers, Java and. NET developers, test engineers, web designers / developers and IT experts, and we are able to respond to any request for the development of dedicated software solutions and software / consulting services.