Kodar Engineering, member of Kodar Group, is a regional company specialized in performing business operations in the field of telecommunication for both mobile telephony operators and landline telephony operators.

The company has successfully done business for more than 20 years within the markets of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Hungary and currently it is a leading company in the region in the field of planning, design, engineering, installation and maintenance of telecommunication systems and equipment with the aspiration to become the leading one in the wide European region.

Over 300 employees are concerned to maintain a competitive advantage of the companies within the Kodar Group in the complex global surrounding and to follow contemporary business principles to ensure effective and efficient work that leads to satisfied customer. Therefore our business is driven by a simple motif : „ Partner for a lifetime.“


Our vision is concentrated in our aspiration to excel in everything that we do. That is why we aim for the best in following situations: 

- When we create a solution for our clients
- When we create safe and motivational careers for our employees
- When we create stabile profit for our owners

Our desire to fulfill the vision is a driving force in our commitment to economic and social progress in the countries we are present in.


Kodar Engineering’s employees are open, candid, and truthful.

Kodar Engineering’s employee’s word is their bond. They do what they say, and live up to the highest standards of fairness and ethical behavior.

Kodar Engineering’s employees work hard to earn business partners trust and respect on every project they undertake. 

Dynamic Culture
Kodar Engineering’s employees constantly seek new opportunities to learn, to improve, to teach, and to add value.

Kodar Engineering’s employees love what they do, taking the lead, and leading by example.

Kodar Engineering’s and business partner has something to contribute to Kodar Engineering's project teams. This belief is the key to mutual success.

Kodar Engineering’s will not compromise the health and safety of its people.

Kodar Engineering’s values men and women of diverse ages, religions, and ethnic backgrounds.

Social Responsibility
Kodar Engineering’s encourages and supports its employees in their desire to improve the quality of life in their communities. KODAR GROUP is a contributing partner to the development of the construction industry through active involvement in its associations.



Anja Milovanovic, Managing Director - CEO

Aleksandar Stefanovic, Sales and Marketing Sector Director - CSO

Milos Smiljanic, Technical Sector Director - CTO

Olivera Vokic, Financial Sector Director - CFO


Kodar Engineering believes that there is a clear relationship among business, social and environmental surrounding. Therefore, the constant effort is made towards integration of work, environmental and social interests in every area of our operation.

Kodar Engineering endeavors to make improvement and positive move in its business operations, and opportunities like these are considered to be a challange and privilege to both our managers and employees. 

Kodar Engineering aims to achieve a balance between rapid business development and environmental needs so it runs its projects in accordance to the latest civil construction and ecology standards.